My role as a school counselor is to support all students in their academic, personal/social, and career development. I work with families and students to enable students to be their best and ready for their next stage in life.

High School Counselors Do:
  • Assist students with their scholarship & college search.
  • Handle schedule change requests at the beginning of the semester.
  • Run small groups on various topics, such as family changes, study skills, and transitions.
  • Meet with students and families to ensure that all students needs are being met.
  • Help facilitate meetings with teachers, parents, and administrators. 
  • Attend IEP meetings.
  • Facilitate Intervention Team referrals from teachers and parents. 
  • Refer students to outside community resources as needed.
High School Counselors Don't:
  • Give advice.
  • Provide therapy or other long term counseling.

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