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2014-2017 Diploma Requirements At a Glance

Colton High School Diploma Requirements:
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Career Related Learning Experiences

Career-related learning experiences (CRLEs) are structured educational experiences that connect learning to the world beyond the classroom.  They are planned in the student’s education plan in relation to his/her career interests and post-high school goals.  Experiences provide opportunities in which students apply academic, career-related, and technical knowledge and skills and may also help students to clarify career goals. Career-related learning experiences can take place in a variety of ways and places- in school, the workplace, or in the community.  Most importantly, these experiences are about learning, not about the type of experience or the place. For more information about CRLEs, contact Mrs. Hazelton or Mr. Casterline at 503.824.2311. Click on the CRLE Opportunities link below to see some opportunities that are currently available.

CRLE Opportunities

Planned Absence Form

Work Experience Program

The Colton High School Work Experience Program allows students to receive elective credit for work done for an employer.  The employer must have a current IRS employer identification number and pay at least the legal minimum wage (currently $8.95/hour as of January, 2013).

This course centers upon:

  • development of positive occupational skills in real-world settings and lifelong career-building skills
  • learning new skills that relate to the place of employment
  • focuses interests by experiencing a job and career area in depth
  • understanding the culture of the workplace and the finer points of interacting with co-workers and supervisors
  • and the setting and achievement of goals.

A student may earn up to a maximum of two (2) elective credits through the Work Experience Program.  Credit will be awarded as .5 credit per semester, on a pass/no pass basis. See Mrs. Coy for more information and sign-up forms. 

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